Revitalize Not Militarize

Planned cross-border Eucharist highlights plight of immigrants

By:Florence Taylor American and Mexican Christians have planned a Eucharist service straddling the border between their countries to draw attention to the plight of immigrants. People arrive at the Friendship Park, near the double steel fence that separates San Diego and Tijuana, at the border in Tijuana Bishop Lino Rodgiuez of the Anglican Church of Mexico and Bishops James Mathes and Diane...

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The Impossibility of the Present: Collection Elias-Fontes at CECUT, Centro Cultural of Tijuana

By Jill Holslin If you haven’t been to Tijuana in a while, now’s the time to come for a visit. The show “Collection of Elias-Fontes Historia y Relato” (History and Story) at CECUT, The Centro Cultural of Tijuana in Zona Rio, is an exhibition that asks serious questions about the role of the artist in the context of the relentless, pulsating vitality of contemporary capitalism. Bringing together...

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