Revitalize Not Militarize

Families of Border Victims Travel to DC to Highlight Lives Lost Due to Increased Border Militarization



Border Delegation to Join Leaders from National DC Fast and 
Present Quilts with Stories of Abuse at the US-Mexico Border


Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at 11 am EST
‘Fast for Families’ Community Tent on National Mall
3rd St. and Jefferson Dr. SW, Washington, DC


For Immediate Release: November 18, 2013

Contact: Ricardo Favela, (760) 659-3620

Washington, DC – As the House of Representatives continues to debate immigration reform, a delegation of leaders and families from the border travel to Washington to highlight the stories of victims of Border Patrol abuse and make the case to Congress that the key to successful border policy is revitalization, not militarization.

At a press conference this Wednesday, November 20th at 11am, family members of those who have suffered violence at the hand of Border Patrol agents will share their personal stories and call for a border policy and immigration reform that prioritizes accountability and economic development over a border surge, which is being called a militarization of border communities.

The families of Anastastasio Hernandez Rojas (San Diego resident beaten and tortured to death by border agents), Valeria Munique Tachiquin (US citizen and mother gunned down by a border agent with a history of misconduct), and Jose Gutierrez (long time Los Angeles resident beaten into a coma by customs agents) alongside leaders from the Southern Border Communities Coalition and CAMBIO, will showcase over 150 quilt panels designed and created by families from the border region.

To view some of the quilts that will be displayed, click here.

The quilts feature messages from border residents expressing stories of loss that has come as a result of deportations, checkpoints, roving patrols, family separation and racial profiling, all part of what border communities characterize as a militarization of their communities. The quilt will be presented at meetings in targeted Member offices this week.

WHAT: Families of Border Victims Highlight Human Toll of Militarized Border.

WHEN: Wednesday, November 20th at 11am ET | 8 am PST.


  • Christian Ramírez – Director of the Southern Border Communities Coalition.
  • Maria Luz Rojas – Mother of Anastasio Hernandez Rojas – father of five who was beaten and tortured to death by border agents in 2010.
  • Valentin Tachiquin – Father of Valeria Munique Tachiquin, US citizen and 32-year old mother shot and killed by Border Patrol in 2012.
  • Shena Gutierrez – Wife of Jose Gutierrez who was beaten into a coma by Border Patrol in 2011.
  • Guadalupe Guerrero – Mother of US citizen teenager, Carlos Lamadrid who was fatally shot in the back by Border Patrol in Arizona on March 21, 2011.
WHERE: ‘Fast for Families’ Community Tent on National Mall
3rd St. and Jefferson Dr. SW, Washington, DC