Revitalize Not Militarize

May 28 Social Media Guide

May 28 Social Media Guide

Sample tweets:

Uphold the rights and dignity of border communities. #StopBorderBrutality

Border communities take action to call for justice, accountability, and to #StopBorderBrutality

Join the conversation about border brutality and justice for our communities on May 28. #StopBorderBrutality

Join border communities on May 28 in the call to #StopBorderBrutality. RT @SBCCoalition

The border is more than a line. It is a unique cultural bridge with history and culture to be celebrated. #StopBorderBrutality

Our #bordercommunities live in constant surveillance. Militarization endangers residents. #StopBorderBrutality

Lack of accountability and transparency in the largest law enforcement agency are serious risks to the security to communiites. #StopBorderBrutality

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Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and through these hashtags #RevitalizeNotMilitarize #StopBorderBrutality

Useful information:

Southern Border Communities’ Facebook page:

Southern Border Communities’ Twitter account: @SBCCoalition

Revitalize Not Militarize’ Instagram account:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Twitter account: @CustomsBorder




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